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The Meteoric Rise of (Electronic) Endpoint Adjudication

[fa icon='calendar'] Nov 5, 2015 10:00:00 AM / by Amy Young posted in Applied Clinical Trials, clinical trials, Endpoint Adjudication

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Endpoint Adjudication (EA) is having a bit of a moment. 

EA isn't a new concept, really. As long as there have been endpoints in clinical trials, there has been a need to resolve events related to safety and efficacy – and provide standardized endpoint outcomes for those all-important statistical analyses. 

What IS changing, however, is the way EA is performed. What used to be a very manual, time-consuming process is being transformed – along with everything else in our day and age – by the internet (and more specifically, the cloud). Electronic endpoint adjudication is gaining in popularity, quickly. 

Just last week, Applied Clinical Trials put out a call for input on a new survey designed to evaluate the impact of technology on Endpoint Adjudication processes. In their post, they call Endpoint Adjudication "an emerging field" that is "relatively new, but rapidly gaining traction." They also point out that "the adoption of endpoint adjudication as a business process and operational concept seems to be widely unknown and rarely spoken about in the industry." Interesting. We'll be watching this survey closely!

It goes without saying that we're big believers in the power of technology to gain efficiencies in clinical trials.  eCOS has a robust, well-established EA module that's unique in the industry - and we've been offering it for more than 10 years!  Our customers consistently tell us they love it. So much so that 90% of the world's top adjudication centers now use our solution

When you compare paper-based EA processes to digital, the benefits are clear. Check out how much electronic technology can cut timelines in this detailed chart: 

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