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How I Became an eCOS Convert: One Data Manager’s True Story

[fa icon='calendar'] May 8, 2015 10:30:00 AM / by James Kahl posted in EDC, edc adoption, data management

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Like you, I used to run studies.  And in the days before EDC it could be really painful. 

When I was a Study Manager and a Data Manager for a large medical device company, we used carbon-based CRFs. We’d manage discrepancies by communicating through fax.  Randomizations would be through a batch of envelopes sent to the sites. Inevitably, they’d open the wrong envelope, get the wrong randomization assignment, and you’d scramble to correct things.  It was a mess, but that’s how things were run back in the day.

The industry has definitely evolved from those days. We eventually started using EDC systems, but they always underwhelmed me.  

Then I saw eClinicalOS (eCOS) and I fell in love. I knew right away that the system would make my life easier in so many ways. 

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